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Catford Consultancy Services

At Catford SE6, we have the clear idea and sufficient experience to provide quality service, we are updated to help you in your tax accounting and give you added value, since depending on the type of taxpayer it will be how they should keep their accounts. With Catford SE6, it is guaranteed to have all your accounting supported by a real-time accounting professional with dashboards monitoring your activity. Catford SE6 guarantees to have accounting at its fair price. It is also the possibility to follow your business from anywhere.

Our firm supports you in your efforts to help you verify the economic viability of your project, and produce a forecast. Rest assured to launch your business in the best possible conditions thanks to the support of a chartered accountant. We offer a pack including

● Analysis of the economic feasibility of the project
● Advice for the choice of legal, social, tax status
● The drafting of the statutes
● Completion of registration formalities
● Connection with financial partners
● Development of the Business plan and the provisional budget
● Implementation of administrative and accounting procedures (organization, software, etc.)
● Business organization and management consultancy
● The firm provides monitoring and assistance to the performance of your business.
● The firm notably designs tools for you to manage your activity: forecasts, dashboards, continuous monitoring of profitability indicators

Catford Accountancy Services

Catford SE6 financial accounting consultants support clients in two important ways:
1. Support for continuous accounting
2. Support for companies going through major changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, transfers and disposal of assets

Significant business changes will certainly affect a company's accounting, but also its processes, IT systems and data. Our integrated team takes a holistic approach and includes specialists in support of traditional accounting, financial reporting, regulation and governance as well as experts in IT, data, systems, processes and controls. As one of the most experienced accounting and consulting networks in the world, Catford SE6 is able to assist clients in three main categories:
1. Accounting support
2. Data support
3. Process and governance support

Accounting support include:
● Support and advice on accounting for transactions, including the accounting implications of business combinations, reorganizations, divestitures and allocation of purchase prices.
● Journal entries related to transactions and other information to be provided following transactions
● Consultation on the impact of complex accounting issues and the adoption of accounting standards
● Analysis and application of accounting methods

Catford Taxation Services

Small and medium-sized companies, due to their particularities, need specialists when they undergo a tax inspection. Addressing tax inspections correctly requires specific knowledge, beyond the specific advice that has been received to date. In recent years, the increase in tax inspections has been significant and the trend continues to increase. From Catford SE6 we are committed to rigorous daily management that simplifies these situations; But in case of inspection, our team of professionals will provide comprehensive support in all tax actions from the first requirements, to the conclusion of the procedure.

Catford SE6 provides you comprehensive taxation services which include:
● Verification of the nature of the target audience, of the purpose of the association;
● Verification of the disinterested aspect of management;
● Analysis of activities;
● Verification of profitability (4 P rule);
● Confirmation of eligibility for donations and patronage.

Catford Payroll Services

Catford SE6 provides you the payroll management services which includes basic services and tasks such as preparation of payroll receipts, employees management, providing the pay slips and handling of payroll etc.

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