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Orpington Consultancy Services

The changes, reorganization or restructuring of an organization are as important as the evolution of the business. As markets change, so do needs. Thus, having a team to guide the most appropriate way to carry out these structural changes is important. At Orpington BR5, we know this and for this reason, we offer a comprehensive strategic consulting service that, based on an analysis of the corporate aspect, can diagnose the legal bases that support the organization and propose improvements that allow the purpose for what it was created, it has a greater action parameter and a solid corporate structure that allows setting different objectives.

We can advise you so that the integration of new partners, the search for investors, the succession of directors, mergers or divisions are achieved in the correct way, generating the necessary legal support to protect the interests of the partners and the organization. At Orpington BR5, we care about guiding you professionally and with the correct alternatives in any corporate situation. The strategic consulting service will allow you and your company to have the appropriate tools and structure for effective decision making. Rest assured that in our team of professionals specialized in the corporate area, your company will be able to find the team that will provide you with strategies to achieve your objectives.

Orpington Accountancy Services

Accounting in general is to carry out the registry of monetary operations. All natural persons with business activities or legal entities (companies) are obliged by Law to keep their accounts, that is, they have the obligation to record each and every one of their operations such as their sales, purchases, expenses, investments, provisions, charges etc. Additionally, it is important to record financial operations in order to determine the result for a specific period, that is, to prepare the Financial Statements where we can see if there was profit or loss in a period, as well as with which important decisions can be made in the company.

We prepare your accounting and prepare your monthly financial statements for your decision making. We carry out audits for tax and internal purposes in order to detect any anomaly and make the necessary corrections.

Orpington Tax Services

Orpington BR5 is characterized by offering the best tax and accounting services to large companies and corporations with a large volume of production or operations, as well as to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). This group has been in the market for years, being the leader in the sector and offering its high quality services to a large number of clients, who attest and bear witness to the excellence of this group's services and the professionalism of its members.

Our tax advisor will help you solve your problems, since it is a specialist in providing support to taxpayers with audits, offering their help from the beginning of the process to the end, with highly favourable results for our clients.

Orpington Payroll Services

With Orpington BR5 Payroll services, you will benefit from a specialised payroll service to transmit your variable elements and manage the requests of your employees. You save precious time in your administrative management and can concentrate on developing your business.

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