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Sidcup Consultancy Services

Formed by professionals with higher degrees in Accounting, Finance, Law and Economics; Sidcup DA15 is in charge of advising companies and preparing their accounts and taxes in accordance with current applicable regulations; managing and carrying out the accounting in a safe and practical way. With our service, processes are optimized and accounting information is accessed permanently, which will help you to properly manage the business as well as to make decisions.

From Sidcup DA15 we help you in this area and therefore we have created three key services:
● Punctual or continuous commercial advice
● Legal maintenance and compliance with mandatory regulations
● Management of commercial corporate documents

Our service includes the review or execution of commercial contracts, advice within the statutory or shareholder scope of a company; as well as the planning and implementation of any statutory modification that may be needed. The corporate secretariat service focuses on supporting management and the board of directors to comply with the regulations to which this type of company is obliged. Likewise, we carry out the maintenance of the minutes of the partners and the board of directors, as well as the maintenance of any current corporate book.

Finally, we take care of registering any type of document that the regulations require. We outsource all of the management procedures that a company may require, ranging from the drafting of the document, to attendance at a notary, through registration or legalization and documentation apostilles, among others.

Sidcup Accountancy Services

We offer a complete service in the preparation of accounting and in the management of taxes. We are in charge of analysing how the main economic flows of the companies are generated to rationalize and simplify the effort of the administration area. Among our accounting management services we highlight:
● Accounting keeping
● Planning and implementation of accounting
● Economic-financial organization of the company
● Internal accounting and administrative control systems
● Legalization and preparation of official accounting books
● Formalization of the value added tax (VAT) books
With us as your accounting advisers you will get:

● Full control of your financial operations
● Transparency and trust
● Efficacy and guarantees

Sidcup Taxation Services

At Sidcup DA15, through the tax and financial area, we deal with taxes for the fulfilment of all the formal obligations in tax matters that a company has. We present the tax returns corresponding to all administrations and regimes. In the tax agency Sidcup DA15, in particular, take care of:

● Preparation of periodic declarations of VAT and personal income tax
● Preparation of annual summaries of VAT and personal income tax
● Preparation of informative declarations
● Preparation of the declaration of corporation tax and of the periodic declaration of fractional payment on account of the liquidation of corporation tax

Our most outstanding tax accounting services:
● Fiscal advice
● Tax filing and management
● Design of specific accounting plans for different business sectors
● Mechanization of information
● Accounting update
● Design of an analytical accounting system
● Analysis of the situation of a specific moment in the company (internal audit)
● Preparation and legalization of official accounting books
● Preparation and deposit of annual accounts in the Commercial Registry
● Company group accounting

Sidcup Payroll Services

Our payroll outsourcing and employee follow-up offer, the rates "Salary slips" and "Administrative monitoring and advice" are inseparable. Our services include:

● The recovery, analysis and processing of variable information and events (illness, absence, etc.),
● Editing payslips
● Payroll maintenance

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